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[Event] Duel Tournament Winner Empty [Event] Duel Tournament Winner

Post  AdminBlade on Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:43 am

FIRST ROUND (Elimination)

(-Fallen`Angel (L)- vs MR-DarkCastiel W) , (=skyes_17= DQ vs sakura metz DQ) ,

(Zack W vs -=Chonah=-84 L) (MD`saviOr09 W vs MD`mardie L)

(MD`vocalistXii W vs MD umimaxin08 L) , (-MisaChan W vs =ceejay=L)
(MD`unimaxin08 W vs Fallen`Angel L)

SECOND ROUND (quarter finals)

(zack W vs MD`savior09 DQ) , (MR-darkcastiel W vs MD`vocalistXii L)

(misachan Wvs MD unimaxin L) , (MD`unimaxin W vs MD`vocalistXii L)

THIRD ROUND (semifinal)

(-misachan- L vs zack W) , (MR-DarkCastiel W vs MD`unimaxin08 L)


(MR-DarkCastiel L vs zack W)

Winner -Symphony- (zack)

Legend: L = Loser
W= Winner
DQ = disqualified

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